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Custom Silicone Vessels

Vascular Simulations can create a silicone vascular model directly from a patient scan in approximately two weeks.
We can work with you to create any geometry you are looking for.

Step 1.

We take the axial slices into 3D medical image processing software.
Create a login to upload datasets.

Step 2.

We trim the vasculature to keep the relevant arteries.

Step 3.

We add inlet and outlet segments to the patient geometry to fit our head phantom. You can also send us your CAD model or have us make changes to this design as per your needs.

Step 4.

We use 3D printing to print the model.

Step 5.

We manufacture the silicone Vessel.

Step 6.

We assemble the manufactured vessel into our head shell.

Step 7.

We fill the head shell with our Head Gel to simulate suspension of vessels in the brain.

The gelled head shell with vessels can be used with our Replicator for physiological flow or with our Flow Loop for steady (peristaltic) flow. We can incorporate any design modifications you require and also send you the model at any one of the above listed stages – from virtual model file to 3D printed part to silicone Vessel.


Custom Models

These are some examples of our custom designed models. We can use idealized geometries or simply modify the structure seen in a scan.